30X Super Macro /  30X Microscope Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

30X Super Macro / 30X Microscope Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

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Even seen the microworld around, it is as amazing as any world's most-visited tourist attractions?

How to turn your phone into a microscope for that?

We here have a good kit for you.


  • Easy to use, just place the lens to the object, no need to tune.
  • Capturing object in short distance without perspective distortion
  • A High Definition Microscope Lens, let you enter an new era of Microworld
  • Have a microscope in an extreme easy way, a must for your kids!


  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them on ALL OUR CASES and don't need to buy a new set for each device.
  • Warranty & Notes

    We provide a One-Year Warranty for all products made by us.

    This is not a telephoto lens, you can take it as a super macro lens.

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    No Sales Tax will be levied on sales!

  • What's in the box?

    - 30X Super Microscope Lens
    - Lens Covers

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