37mm ND 2-400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter with Universal Clip for Phones

37mm ND 2-400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter with Universal Clip for Phones

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This Variable ND filter is for creative effects. It is very useful for blurring backgrounds, smooth water surfaces and rich blue skies, this variable neutral density filter reduces the light amount of light entering the lens. It is particularly useful in bright conditions so you can lengthen the exposure time between different aperture stops, allowing you to use wider apertures for beautiful bokeh.

The filter is made from high quality lens glass, coated on each side to minimise reflections and increase picture quality. The front lens, which is slightly larger than the rear lens to avoid vignetting, rotates to alter the density of the filter.

Now we've made taking this filter with your smartphone as easy as hanging a T-Shirt. Yes, to use the lens set is as easy as putting a clip to your shirt. Just press, align with your camera and release, then you can use.

The clip is also compatible with some of other 37mm thread lenses in our shop too, just find them at the corresponding pages, then you will find we there is a lot to explore with us for your iPhone and smartphone photography!



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  • What's in the box?

    - 37mm ND Vario 2-400 Lens x 1
    - Carrying Case x 1
    - Universal Clip for 37mm Thread Lenses x 1

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