1.1X to 2.8X Magnification Variable HD Macro Lens

1.1X to 2.8X Magnification Variable HD Macro Lens

SKU: DCK006201-Lens

This is a zoomable Macro Lens that you can shot stunning pictures and videos as close to the object from 22 to 82mm (22mm=88°, 82mm=72°).

Unique from all other macro lenses in the world, this is an 1.1X to 2.8X magnification Macro Lens, you got all the flexibility to take the pictures. Unlike other macro lens, you can avoid the situation that when you found a cutie bug, flower... then you carefully lean to the bug, before it gets to your focus, it flies away..

This zoomable lens can help, just have phone close to the object and hold still (check spec. below) and turn the front part of the lens, and you can focus and shot, no need to put you phone back and forth to find the focus, saving time and getting better chance.

We have 2 types of clips that you can use with this lens for all types of smartphones, iPhones, iPad and Android Tablets too. This is the long sleeve clip for iPhones and Smartphones.

For iPhone, we even got custom mount covers for each model so you can take the picture much in a super way!


  • A Micro Tunable Macro Lens means replacing many macro lenses with diffferent fixed magnification.
  • Attaching Mechanism: attaching by thread, fit tightly, never drop down accidently.
  • High clarity, Made of high-grade Optical Glass.
  • Multi-use, we have dedicated cases for a specific model or universal clip to all the mobile devices.

  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them ALL OUR CASES and don't need to buy a new whole set for each device.
  2. This is not a zoomable telescope or zoomable macro lens
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    - High Definition Variable Macro Lens x 1