High Definition EF70mm Portrait Zoom Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

High Definition EF70mm Portrait Zoom Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

SKU: DCK005900

There’s so much to prepare when it comes to capturing your subjects: the lighting, the expression, the story. Before you even get started, don't miss a professional portrait lens!

Yet it is tricky that nowadays that many cameras and smartphones that will come with built-in telephoto lens for zooming in, why there is a need for a tele lens for portrait photography?

It becomes more tricky that the lens just get slightly more than 2X (less than 3X) zoom power!

The reason is that this portrait lens that can help you have the right focal length and aperture to take exceptional portrait photos.

In additions, when there is a live show to someone, the iPhone / Cell Phone built-in lens with no zoom may make the subject looks a little bit too far. When you post the video to the social networks, your subject will just looks a tiny figure in the screen, it is especially true that a lot of people just use their smartphones to access the networks.

A Portrait Lens definitely will greatly improve such situations! This is an optical zoom lens that lets you keep certain physical distance to your guest and at the same time keep your guest with a moderately wide maximum aperture for great low-light performance and a shallow depth-of-field.

No matter you are a pro or just an amateur or even just take pictures of your girlfriend, your loved, your kids, your pets... get this in your pocket as keeping your wallet in your bag.


  • Specially designed for portrait photography with customised case iPhones.
  • A zoom lens for iPhone and for Portrait Photography
  • Truly HD Portrait Lens, taking truly HD images and videos as well
  • Helps keep optimal distance between subject and the camera
  • Get more accurate and flattering facial proportions to your subject
  • Minimize optical distortion
  • High clarity, Made of high-grade Optical Glass and aluminum housing



  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them on ALL OUR CASES and don't need to buy a new set for each device.


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    - Portrait Tele Lens
    - Lens Covers