2.8X HD Macro Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

2.8X HD Macro Lens for iPhone / Smartphones

SKU: DCK005902

Want to bring small things into full-sized view? Turn to the compact 2.8X HD Macro Lens, which can uncover detail that would otherwise be impossible to detect by the naked eyes. Ideal for shooting extremely mini subjects such as insects or the petals of a small flower.


  • Capturing object in short distance without perspective distortion
  • A High Definition Macro Lens, let you enter an new era of Macrophotography


  1. Our lenses are interchangeable so you can use them ALL OUR COVERS and don't need to buy a new set for each device.
  • Warranty & Notes

    We provide a One-Year Warranty for all products made by us.

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  • What's in the box?

    - 2.8X HD Macro Lens
    - Lens Covers

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