HD Macro / Portrait Zoom / Landscape Wide Anlge Lens Combo for iPhone

HD Macro / Portrait Zoom / Landscape Wide Anlge Lens Combo for iPhone

SKU: DCK006133

This is the High Definition Combo for professional or would-be professional photographers as you. It contains 3 unique and truly HD lenses:

1. HD Macro Lens: Lets you explore the amazing micro world, see the unseen, good for kids' curiosity.

2. HD Wide Angle Lens: No matter for selfie or flower photography, it makes your photos extraordinary, the image will sharper, clearer and wider, with no distortion and FULL FRAME too!

3. HD Portrait Lens: Portrait is an important element in daily photography, it is an important part of life for everyone too. A good picture is worth a thousand words!

That's why you need a portrait lens. For your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your loves, your kids, your pets... get this in your pocket as keeping your wallet in your bag even you are not an professional photographers.

It is a life-time photography kits, just 1 set, then you may use on your phone from now and to all the future phones!

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    We provide a One-Year Warranty for all products made by us.

    It is only compatible with our 13.2mm lenses listing in the dedicated category, if you use it with other lenses from other categories or from other suppliers, unless we otherwise specified, we cannot guarantee its compatibility.

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  • What's in the box?

    - 2.8X HD Macro Lens x 1
    - EF18mm HD Super Wide Angle Lens x 1
    - EF70mm HD Portrait Photography Telephoto Lens / Tele Lens x 1
    - Smartphone Case Mount Cover or the holder specified x 1
    - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
    - Instructions x 1